In My Bag

I shoot with a Nikon D7000 and a
Nikon D5000 which came with 2 kit lens,
Nikkor 18 – 55mm, f/5.6
Nikkor 55 – 200mm, f/5.6 (sold)

I was constantly changing lens so I decided to get a
Tamron 28 – 300mm, f/3.5, it has a wide enough angle for my everyday use and a great zoom allowing me to get some shots of my puppies before they notice. Great lens but a bit slow to auto focus.

I wanted a faster lens and went with a
Nikkor 35mm, f/1.8, I love the fabulous bokeh and blur I get with this wide open.

on occasion I use a conversion (screw on) marco lens, however I generally use my 28 -300mm and just zoom in.

Doing the happy dance ~ Tamron Marco 60mm f/2 is in my bag!

I can now remove the Tamron wide angle 10 – 24mm from my wish list. It’s in my bag!

most recent purchase Sigma 150 – 500mm

I have a wonderful Tamrac camera/backpack bag filled with string, (try branches out of the way), a pair of scissors, (cut small items out of the way), a small flashlight (enabling vision at night), lens cloth and my reading glasses (so I can see). Just added the Kelly Moore B-Hobo bag in Mustard.


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